Amir Inbar, Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants | Seminar Director

Amir Inbar is the founder and CEO of Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, a global reimbursement consulting agency, which manages end-to-end reimbursement projects for life-science companies, selling pharmaceuticals and medical technology products in the US and Europe. 

With a chain of over 30 reimbursement consultants throughout the USA and Europe, and with more than 150 clients worldwide, Mediclever assumes full responsibility for the reimbursement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, from early strategy development to the establishment of specific reimbursement codes, payment rates and favorable coverage.

As an expert reimbursement consultant Amir works with organizations ranging from incubator start-ups to publicly traded companies, assisting them with the development of their reimbursement strategies in the US and Europe, their drug/device related value stories and economic models.